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Iron & Oak 20-Ton Fast-Cycle Gas Log Splitter (270cc, 10-Second Cycle)

Iron & Oak 20-Ton Fast-Cycle Gas Log Splitter (270cc, 10-Second Cycle)

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Part Number:BHH3013GXF

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  • Brand & Model: Iron & Oak BHH3013GXF
  • Force & Tonnage: 20
  • Cycle Time: 10 Seconds (Approximately)
  • Pump: Hydraulic 2-Stage Pump (16 Gallons Per Minute)
  • Engine: Honda GX270 270cc Engine
  • Operating Position: Horizontal
  • Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (3 Years on Engine) - Consumer & Commercial


  • Model Number: BHh2013GXF
  • Beam: Heavy-Duty 6" High Beam
  • Wedge: 9" High-Carbon Steel
  • Cylinder Stroke: 24"
  • Log Opening: 24.5 Inch Maximum
  • Wheels and Tires: High-Speed 6.5& x 4.8& x 12.0" (Bolt-On)
  • Working Height: 28" From Ground to Top of Beam
  • Hitch Coupler: 2" Locking Ball (Standard)
  • Cylinder Size: 4" x 24" Clevis-Type Cylinder Welded-Body 1.75" Rod
  • Hydraulic Tank: 7.5 Gallons
  • Hydraulic Capacity: 9.5 Gallons (Including Tank, Cylinder, Hoses and Filter)
  • Filter: 60-Micron Hydraulic Filter (Spin-On Type)
  • Safety Control Valve: Detent - Auto Return
  • Weight: 650 Pounds
  • Made in USA?: Yes


  • 4-Way Wedge Included?: Optional
  • Log Cradles Included?: Optional
  • Fluids Package Included?: Optional
  • Oil Change Hose Included?: Optional
  • Log Splitter Cover Included?: Optional



Time is money. We all know it's true, including the clever folks over at Iron & Oak. So, with this universal truth in mind, we're proud to present you with our 22-Ton Horizontal Fast-Cycle Iron & Oak Log Splitter!

Before we get too excited telling you about how awesome this log splitter is, we'd like to explain something real quick. While some other distributors call this Iron & Oak model (BHH3013GXF) a "30-Ton" Fast Cycle log splitter, we've listed it as a "22-Ton" machine. This is because the actual force doesn't quite produce 30-Tons and we feel it's more important to give you accurate information about our products than it is to say we have a bigger selection of 30-Ton splitters than our competitors.

This American Made log splitter comes standard with a 4" x 24" stroke cylinder, over-sized wheels for surprisingly easy mobility, and a lightning fast cycle time of about 10 seconds - from start to finish. That makes our 22-Ton Fast-Cycle splitter up to 33% faster than most standard splitters of similar tonnage.

Even better than that, if you can believe it, is the fact that when you shop with Log Splitter HQ you can customize your splitter (by choosing the exact options you want) with any number of these great features:

  • 4-Way Wedge (see Options above) - Rather than splitting logs in half, why not split them into quarters? Take your fast-cycle log splitting prowess to the next level by doubling the pieces of firewood you produce on every split.
  • Log Tables & Cradles (see Options above) - Get even more time-saving points by having the next log or two ready for splitting and give your back a bit of a break, too!
  • Fluids Package (see Options above) - A bundle of the factory recommended fluids you'll need to keep your 22-Ton Horizontal Fast-Cycle log splitter in top shape. Includes: 10g of Mag-1 ISO 32 hydraulic fluid & 1qt of 10W30 engine oil & one 14oz tube of Multi-Purpose Grease for frictionless splitting. (Items may vary)
  • Drainzit Oil Hose Kit (see Options above) - Avoid tipping, dismounting, or modifying your small gasoline engines when the time comes to change out the oil with the help of this simple kit.
  • Log Splitter Cover (see Options above) - It might not save you time, but it'll definitely protect your investment from the elements in between jobs.

Log Splitter HQ Promise

Important note about residential deliveries:

Unless you have the machinery (like a forklift) to unload a 500+ lb crate from the back of a semi truck, you must select the $75 'lift gate' fee in the options above. Please read the details about residential deliveries here.

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