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There are plenty of reasons people choose to buy an electric log splitter instead of a gas one. Some people want a quieter machine, some don't like dealing with gasoline and pull-starting a motor and others choose electric machines over gas ones because they are more "green".

Whatever your reason is, we've got a wide range of top brand electric log splitters to choose from - all at guaranteed low prices. Be sure to read the reviews on select products and you'll see the many people who are happy they selected an electric splitter for their log splitting jobs.

Although you cannot buy an electric log splitter that can handle quite as big a job as some of the truly powerful commercial gas log splitters, electric splitters have the power to handle most log splitting jobs, big or small. Choose an electric log splitter tonnage category, below, to narrow down you search and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for tips on how to choose the best electric log splitter for your needs!