3-Point Splitters

While they may be some of the least expensive log splitters on our website, 3-point log splitters are just as good, if not better, than many of the other log splitters available. That's because they use the power of your tractor instead of being equipped with their own hydraulics, which obviously cuts down on the cost of manufacturing.
Our tractor log splitters can handle serious log splitting - from 13 to 22 ton jobs. They are easy to hook up to your tractor and make not only hauling logs, but splitting them a piece of cake! Our Iron and Oak 20-Ton 3-Point Tractor Log Splitter even allows you the option of adding a PTO log splitter kit, allowing you to power it off of your tractor's PTO system.
Choose from our impressive lineup of 3-point log splitters for sale, below:

What You Need to Know About 3-Point Log Splitters

What makes 3-Point Tractor Log Splitters unique is the fact that they're actually powered by your tractor rather than an internal motor or engine. This makes 3-Point splitters an ideal choice for those who do a lot of their firewood splitting jobs and projects away from the comfort of a shop because your tractor will be doing all the heavy lifting and hauling for you! Not only will your tractor lift and haul your log splitter, it actually powers it as well. Lucky for you, we have an impressive selection of 3-Point log splitters for sell here at Log Splitter HQ.

There are two different models of 3-Point Log Splitters.

Pro Tip: It's worth noting that "3-Point" is both the umbrella category name as well as a specific model style.

3-Point Log Splitters

These log splitters are powered directly by your tractor's hydraulics system. Don't be worried, though, as technical as that may sound, hooking your 3-Point splitter up to your tractor is easy-peasy. All that you need to do to get going is plug your splitter into one of your tractor's available auxiliaries. Yep! That's it.

PTO Log Splitters

Also know as Power Take Off log splitters, this model style has its own hydraulic system - unlike 3-Point splitters - and attaches directly to your tractor's PTO shaft. Hooking up your PTO splitter is just about as simple as hooking up your 3-Point splitter, so you'll be able to get right to work (and home that much sooner)!

Both models are great choices for those who regularly tackle larger wood splitting jobs and projects. Due to the fact that your new splitter is powered by your tractor, it's important to understand that the main difference between these two splitter models really comes down to which your tractor will perform best with. This makes cycle times especially important for tractor powered splitters.

Your tractor's flow rate (GPM) will have a significant impact on how fast your splitter's cycle time will ultimately be. Smaller tractors, with lower flow rates, will likely have slower cycle times. Generally speaking, tractors with fewer than 25 HP will typically have slower times than tractors with 25 HP or more.

Either way, the good news is that your 3-Point / PTO log splitter will definitely help you take on the biggest, toughest projects and jobs you can find! Here are three of our favorite tractor log splitters, each available with PTO kit options (from left to right): Brave 13-Ton / Iron & Oak 20-Ton.

If you still have questions about which model of 3-Point splitter would work best for you, always feel free to give our Product Experts a call.