Dirty Hand Tools 4 Way Wedge

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Why do a ton of extra work when you don't have to? This Dirty Hand Tools 4 Way Wedge is designed to save you time and energy.

With the standard single wedge that comes with a log splitter, you have to split one log 3 different times to get 4 pieces. With a 4 way wedge, you can accomplish the same thing with just one split!

This also includes stripper plates and all hardware.

IMPORTANT - There are no returns on 4 way wedges. This 4 way wedge will only work with the following Dirty Hand Tools log splitters and is not designed to fit any other log splitters or for any other purpose:

  • 22 Ton
  • 27 Ton
  • 28 Ton
  • 30 Ton
  • 35 Ton

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