Gas Log Splitters

If you have a fireplace, you know you're going to have to split logs every year. Log splitter rental fees from places like Home Depot or Lowes really start to add up over the years, not to mention having to lug the rental unit to and from the car and back and forth to the store. Buy a gas log splitter of your own and stop putting yourself through that unnecessary hassle and yearly expense!

Whether you've got a few logs to split or have a major commercial job ahead of you, we've got a gas log splitter that'll be perfect for the task at hand. Choose from top consumer log splitters from brands like Boss Industrial™, Dirty Hand Tools™ and Brave™ or commercial log splitters from brands like Dosko™ or Iron and Oak™ (and many more). 

The gas log splitter you choose will depend on the size job you are doing. Check out our Guide to the Best Log Splitters for help on picking out the right splitter for your needs. To refine your search, choose a tonnage range from the gas splitter sub-categories listed, below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for tips on selecting the best gas log splitter for your needs!

More About Gas Log Splitters

The ultimate in log splitting adaptability, you simply can not go wrong with a traditional gas log splitter. Our gas log splitters span the entire spectrum of splitting force, from the most casual 8-Ton units to the most impressive 37-Ton commercial beasts. This means that, no matter how big or how small your next firewood project is, a gas log splitter will never be the wrong choice.

Another truly great thing about going with a gas log splitter is that they're much more than just powerful. They're also exceptionally fast, too. As a matter of fact, low to mid-range tonnage machines offer some of the fastest cycle times of just about any log splitter style you'll find on the market today.

Pro Tip: Speed is one of the most important aspects of a log splitter. However, it's equally important to remember that there is a such thing as TOO fast. A cycle time that's quicker than 10 seconds can easily turn from blessing to curse in the blink of an eye. As long as you keep in mind that you are human and your log splitter is a tireless machine, you should be good to go!

Power or Speed (or Both)? Making the Right Choice

Gas log splitters provide some of the greatest combinations of power and speed you'll get out of just about any log splitter. So, when the time comes to get one, it's important that you do your due diligence and get the RIGHT combination.

At first, you'll probably say: "I WANT BOTH!" After all, that's the easiest way to avoid having to choose between the two, right? Unfortunately, no. Not only will you probably end up paying a LOT more than you need to, it's just as likely that you'll end up with a log splitter that creates more work than it saves.

Asking yourself these questions BEFORE you buy your gas log splitter can save you a lot of time, effort, and money down the road.

+ Do you regularly take on projects and jobs that involve splitting logs and rounds that are 24 inches or more?

- Consider choosing power over speed.

+ Do you regularly take on projects and jobs that are geared toward producing firewood for personal or casual use?

- Consider choosing speed over power.

+ Do you regularly take on jobs and projects that are more focused on producing commercial or profitable quantities of wood?

- Consider choosing a log splitter that has both power and speed.

Here are a few more general questions to ask yourself to help ensure you're getting the right log splitter for your job and project needs.

+ How much wood do you plan on splitting throughout the year?

+ How often will you be using your log splitter; daily, weekly, monthly?

+ How many individuals will be using your log splitter; solo, partners?

- If your splitter has a very fast cycle time, remember that it might be wise to use the buddy system.

+ Where do you plan on using your log splitter; do you need your splitter to be mobile friendly?

- If you plan on traveling a lot, be sure to check that your splitter can be safely towed or is compact enough to be easily hauled around.

The Big Deal About Brands

Log splitter brands are important for the same reasons that any other product brand is important; they help us determine quality based on reputation. The good news is that, here at Log Splitter HQ, we've already done a lot of the hard work for you by choosing to carry only the top brands in the industry.

If manufacturing origin is important to you, we carry a great selection of American Made log splitter brands, such as Oregon.

If manufacturer longevity is important to you, we have a great selection of brands that have been around for 50+ years, such as Iron and Oak or Brave.

When someone contacts us asking "Which Brand is the Best" , we've found that the best way to answer that question is to divide our brands into usage grade: Consumer Grade, Prosumer Grade, or Commercial Grade. The reason we use this approach is because, as we've mentioned already, we only carry the most dependable and reputable log splitter models from the best brands in today's market.

Top 3 Consumer Grade Gas Log Splitter Brands

This grade of log splitter is ideal for splitting personal quantities of firewood for casual use.

Gas Log Splitters up to 22 tons of splitting force: Boss Industrial | Brave | Dirty Hand Tools

Top 3 Prosumer Grade Gas Log Splitter Brands

This grade of log splitter is ideal for splitting personal quantities of firewood for regular use.

Gas Log Splitters between 22 tons and 34 tons of splitting force: Dirty Hand Tools | Boss Industrial

Top 3 Commercial Grade Gas Log Splitter Brands

This grade of log splitter is ideal for splitting profitable quantities of firewood for selling or for use as a major fuel source.

Gas Log Splitters that are over 30 tons of splitting force: Dosko | Iron and Oak

Pro Tip: Almost every brand of log splitter for sell at Log Splitter HQ has at least one model that fits into each usage grade category (Consumer, Prosumer, and Commercial). We've simply listed the above brands based on the most popular splitter tonnages purchased in each category.

If you still have questions, or would like suggestions based on your specific needs, always feel free to give us a call! We're confident that our Product Experts will be able to help you find the perfect brand, splitter, and wood splitter accessories for your splitting jobs and projects.