Iron & Oak 30-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Log Lift (BHH4013GX30)

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  • Brand & Model: Iron & Oak BHH4013GX30
  • Force & Tonnage: 30 Tons (60,000 Pounds)
  • Cycle Time: 12 Seconds (Approximately)
  • Pump: 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump (22 Gallons Per Minute)
  • Secondary Pump: Dedicated Secondary Pump Controls Lift & 4-Way
  • Engine: Honda GX 390 Engine
  • Operating Position: Horizontal
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty (3 Years on Engine) - Consumer & Commercial


  • Beam: Heavy Duty 8" High Beam
  • Wedge: 12" High x 20" Wide - Carbon Steel, Hydraulic 4-Way Wedge
  • Cylinder Stroke: 24"
  • Log Opening: 25"
  • Wheels and Tires: Highway-Rated, High-Speed 4.8& x 12.0&
  • Hitch Coupler: 2" Locking Ball (Standard)
  • Cylinder Size: 5" x 24" Clevis-Type Cylinder Welded-Body 3" Rod
  • Hydraulic Tank: 14 Gallons
  • System Capacity: 16 Gallons (Including Tank, Cylinder, Hoses and Filter)
  • Filter: 60-Micron Hydraulic Filter (Spin-On Type)
  • Control Valve: Auto Return
  • Weight: 1,338 Pounds
  • Made in USA?: Yes


  • Oil Change Hose Included?: Optional



Are you ready to graduate into the pro league of log splitting? If so, you need to check out our stellar 30-Ton Iron & Oak Log Splitter with Log Lift. This baby, with it's sleek, protective powder coat finish and snazzy Honda GX 390 engine, is a whole lot more than just a good lookin' machine.

This heavy splitter is 1,338 pounds of American Made muscle and is ready to help you power out cord after cord after cord of firewood almost the minute you get it out of the crate.

When you choose to work with Log Splitter HQ, you'll be getting a lot more than just this log splitting powerhouse, though. Your new 30-Ton Log Splitter comes standard with: 1 x 4-Way Wedge; doubling the number of firewood pieces you get with every split. & 1 x Fluids Package of all the factory recommended fluids you'll need - Includes: 10g of Mag-1 ISO 32 hydraulic fluid & 1qt of 10W30 engine oil & 1 x 14oz tube of Multi-Purpose Grease for frictionless splitting. (Items may vary) & 1 x Log Lift to cut down your production time and increase your productivity even more!

Even with those included accessories, you still have another option to customize your splitter (by choosing the exact options you want) to get even more out of your 30-Ton machine. Check out this additional add-on:

  • Drainzit Oil Hose Kit (see Options above) - Avoid the messiness and hassle of changing your engine's oil by eliminating the need to dismount, modify, or tip over your splitter.

Log Splitter HQ Promise

Important note about residential deliveries:

Unless you have the machinery (like a forklift) to unload a 500+ lb crate from the back of a semi truck, you must select the $75 'lift gate' fee in the options above. Please read the details about residential deliveries here.

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