Iron & Oak™

Iron and Oak has been providing some of the industries highest quality commercial grade log splitters for over 30 years. Not only do Iron and Oak splitters provide heavy duty power and durability, they help make our country a better place. These American Made splitters are welded and assembled in Minnesota; America's heartland. When you do business with Log Splitter HQ, you'll always be choosing from the a selection of only the most powerful and reliable Iron and Oak electric, gas, and tractor log splitters for sale on the market today!

Take a look below to learn more about each of our Iron and Oak log splitters. Or, if you prefer to speak with someone, always feel free to give us a call. Our Product Experts are ready to offer Zero Pressure advice and suggestions.

More about Iron and Oak Log Splitters:

Iron & Oak log splitters have been manufactured in the United States since their beginnings in 1982. Every Iron and Oak splitter is welded and assembled in the small city of Faribault, Minnesota, just fifty miles from the State Capitol.

Specifically crafted to withstand the heavy duty demands and usage of the commercial logging industry, there is absolutely no question that Iron and Oak log splitters are built to last you for years to come. These wood splitters are designed to minimize the amount of effort and strain you need to get even the biggest of firewood splitting jobs or projects done quickly and efficiently.

Iron and Oak log splitters are available in all of the most popular log splitting models including: Gas Log Splitters, Electric Log Splitters, 3-Point Log Splitters, and Skid Loader Log Splitters. Learn more about these different machines below.

Gas Log Splitters

Are gas powered log splitters with units ranging from 8-Tons of splitting force all the way up to 30-Tons of more!

Electric Log Splitters

Are electrically powered log splitters with machines ranging from 4-Tons to 16-Tons or more!

3-Point Log Splitters

Are both 3-Point Tractor models and PTO log splitters models and range from 12-Tons to 30-Tons of splitting power!

Skid Load Log Splitters

Are powered using a skid loader or skid steer (BobCat and Caterpillar are two popular manufacturers) and range from 20-Tons to 30-Tons.

If you have questions, always feel free to speak with one of our Product Experts! They're always ready to help with pressure-free suggestions and advice.