Iron & Oak 20-Ton 3-Point Tractor Log Splitter (TMH16HYD)

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  • Brand & Model: Iron & Oak TMH16HYD
  • Force & Tonnage: 20 Tons (40,000 Pounds) - May Vary Depending on Your Tractor's PSI
  • Cycle Time: Depends on your tractor / PTO is 14 seconds
  • Operating Position: Horizontal
  • Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Splitting Wedge: 9″ high carbon steel
  • Cylinder: 4″ x 24″ Clevis type cylinder welded body 1.75″ rod
  • Log Opening: 25" maximum
  • Working Height: Adjustable from ground to waist level
  • Safety Control Valve: Detent - Auto Return
  • Operation Weight: 400 Pounds
  • Made in USA?: Yes


  • 4-Way Wedge?: Optional
  • PTO Kit?: Optional – Tank, hoses & PTO pump included
  • Log Cradles?: Optional


Iron & Oak has been manufacturing some of the best American Made log splitters for decades. The Iron & Oak, Brand is a favorite for both consumer and commercial log splitters, so it's not surprising that our popular 20-Ton 3-Point Tractor Log Splitter is an Iron & Oak log splitter.

What's unique about this model of splitter is that it's fully adjustable which makes it just about universal for use with any tractor. Interestingly, this unique adjustability also makes the need to have a Horizontal & Vertical option obsolete.

Believe it or not, you can get even more out of your splitter when you customize your rig with these great options and features:

  • Power Take Off Kit - With a PTO Kit, you can power your 20-Ton 3-Point Tractor Log Splitter off of your tractor's PTO system. Our kit is self contained (includes tank and PTO pump) so you won't have to be worried for your tractor's hydraulics. Please note that this PTO pump is designed for 540 RPM at the PTO. It's recommended that your tractor have a flow rate of 12 GPM or more.
  • 4-Way Wedge (see Options above) - Cut your time by as much as 66% when you choose to split your logs and rounds into quarters with this 4-Way Wedge.
  • Log Tables & Cradles (see Options above) - By having the next couple logs ready for splitting before the last cycle is done can save you considerable amounts of time. Your back can also be saved because the tables & cradles will also catch split logs so you don't have to bend over to pick them up off the ground.

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Important note about residential deliveries:

Unless you have the machinery (like a forklift) to unload a 500+ lb crate from the back of a semi truck, you must select the $75 'lift gate' fee in the options above. Please read the details about residential deliveries here.

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