Skid Steer Splitters

If you have a skid steer or skid loader like a Bobcat or Caterpillar, you have the capability of entering the "Big Boy" world of log splitting. Skid steer log splitters can handle serious job loads!

Our skid steer log splitters can handle 20-30 ton tree splitting loads and from a variety of angles - horizontal, vertical and even upside down. Best of all, you never even have to get out of your seat!

Choose from our impressive lineup of skid steer splitters for sale, below, and turn what may seem like a chore into a job that's actually fun!

Reasons to Buy a Skid Steer Log Splitter

Skid Steer Log Splitters - also known as skid loader log splitters are the pinnacle of log splitters. The height of simplified log splitting. The only catch is that you need to have easy access to a skid steer or skid loader, Bobcat and Caterpillar are the most recognizable brands. There is one more consideration you should take into account, besides skid steer accessibility, before you pull out your wallet. These 20-Ton to 30-Ton log splitting rigs are meant for serious firewood splitting jobs and projects!

When people talk about having fun splitting wood, we're willing to bet that they've been working with one of these powerhouse splitters. Even the largest logs and rounds aren't a match for one of these bad boys. Not only does the skid steer make maneuvering around a job site simple, but it's ability to use a splitter as a lift means that you won't have to do any lifting at all!

Like the other splitter models (Gas, Electric, and 3-Point), you're able to choose between horizontal and horizontal / vertical (HV or VH) orientation options. Skid Steer log splitters have an additional configuration known as "upside down", too. These different styles will help you to tackle just about any size project or job that comes your way... often times, without ever having to leave the cab of your skid steer or skid loader.

Pro Tip: Several of our skid steer splitters have limited delivery options or special delivery requirements. Please be sure to double check the product descriptions and spec charts of the models you're interested in ordering to avoid any inconvenient and frustrating delays or surprises.

If you still have questions about our log splitters, never hesitate to give our Customer Service Team a call. Located in the Pacific Northwest, our Product Experts are dedicated to helping you find the best skid steer log splitter for your needs!