Swisher says it best with their personal company slogan: "Changing Your Landscape Since 1945". For over 70 years, Swisher brand machines have been at the cutting edge of landscaping innovation. Swisher log splitters are no different. All of the Swisher log splitters for sell at Log Splitters HQ are proudly made, right here in the United States of America, so you know that you're getting only the highest quality and the most durable machines available anywhere.

Our Product Experts are always just a call, or click, away if you have any questions about our Swisher line of rigs. Located in the Pacific Northwest, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help.

More About Swisher Log Splitters

Like many of the greatest "American Dream" success stories, the story of Swisher Acquisition, Incorporated starts with one person who decided that they wanted to work smarter, not harder. Hiding out in his mom's chicken coop in rural Missouri, Max Swisher started tinkering with the family lawn mower.

It wasn't long before good 'ol Max had the perfect, albeit jerry rigged, solution for spending less time behind a push lawn mower and more time relaxing in the shade during the summer of 1945. Even though electricity had yet to arrive in Missouri, Swisher had made the first self-propelled mower.

Over half a century later, Swisher's innovative brilliance continues to be used to manufacture some of the nation's best log splitters and log splitter accessories.

Based on the most dependable sources, customers' personal Swisher log splitter reviews, we've chosen our most popular Swisher splitters from each log splitting category and listed for you below.

Swisher Gas Log Splitters

Our Swisher 22-Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitters are ready to go head to head with your toughest firewood projects. With one of these Swisher splitters in your corner, no job will be able to stand against you.

Swisher Electric Log Splitters

Unfortunately, Log Splitters HQ does not currently carry any Swisher electric log splitter models at this time. We will be sure to let everyone know if we add any to our inventory, however!

Swisher 3-Point Log Splitters

Unfortunately, we do not stock any Swisher 3-Point log splitters at this time. If we do add any Swisher tractor splitters, though, we'll be sure to let everyone know!

Swisher Skid Steer Log Splitters

Unfortunately, there are no Swisher Skid Steer log splitters in our current inventory. Of course, should that change in the future, we'll be glad to let everyone know of the new addition!

Our Product Experts are always just a call or quick away if you still have any questions about our Swisher log splitters.