LogOX 3-In-1 Forestry Tool

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  • 21″ LogOX HAULER: Quickly lift and move log rounds without bending over or swinging a pulp hook. SAVES YOUR BACK AND KNEES! The ergonomic, EZ-grip horizontal hardwood handle also makes this tool a great short cant hook for portable sawmills.
  • 38” CANT HOOK: To roll larger logs (designed to grip logs 7″- 32″ in diameter), quickly attach the cant hook handle extension to Hauler.
  • 38″ TIMBERJACK: Quickly lift smaller diameter logs (up to 12″) off the ground prior to cutting in order to prevent chain damage, bar pinch, and binding.
  • Construction: Hollow frame American steel
  • GREAT VALUE: Combines three of THE BEST FORESTRY TOOLS in a woodsman’s arsenal into ONE compact package, saving you time, money, and storage space. If you use a chainsaw, portable sawmill, or log splitter, this unique tool is a must have!.
  • Shipping included: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes – Lifetime!
  • Made in USA: Yes

Save your back and your legs with the new, patented LogOX 3-in-1 forestry tool. It is really several tools in one - a log hauler, a short cant hook, a brush hauler, a full 38″ cant hook and a full timber jack - all in one convenient, compact package.

Walk up to a log, grab it and carry it away in seconds, without ever having to bend over. The LogOX makes working with logs faster, easier and safer.

In addition to hauling logs, the LogOX is a great tool for feeding a log splitter, a chipper or loading a wagon without having to bend all the way over to pick up each log. It's also the perfect tool for dragging tree tops to a central area.

Optional Accessories:

LogOX Hauler Holster: This rugged holster works along with your LogOX Hauler, letting you to quickly switch back and forth between the Hauler and operating a splitter, chipper, or sawmill.

Made with heavy gauge steel with a rust resistant epoxy powder coating and a sturdy professional grade American leather backing, the LogOX Hauler Holster is compatible with standard-width belts. Better yet, it's Made in the USA!

CarryOX Bag: Responding to customer requests for a convenient bag to carry their LogOX and other gear in, we worked with an American textile manufacturer to make our exclusive CarryOX Bag. With 1,260 Cubic Inches of internal space our bag measures 6″W x 7.5″ H x 28″ L. It has a high visibility orange color, rugged nylon construction with an industrial grade fiberboard bottom and welded grommets the ensure that it maintains its shape. Best of all, it's Made in USA!.

Four large internal velcro secured pockets provide a perfect area for storing extra chains, protective chaps/PPE, hydration, and other gear. Large carrying handles allow the CarryOX Bag to be worn on both shoulders like a backpack or slung over one shoulder for easy transportation. 

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