RamSplitter 30 Ton Skid Steer Flip Flop Log Splitter Attachment (SSFF30)

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Detailed Specifications

  • Tonage: 30 Ton (60,000 lbs)
  • Cylinder: 5″ x 24″ (optional 5" x 30" upgrade)
  • Opening Size: 25 Inch Opening Length
  • Beam: 6 x 3 Tubular Design – Flip Flop
  • Color: Black Only
  • Mounting Plate: Universal (2 quick attach lock handle type)
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Length: 78 Inches
  • Wedge: Single 10″ High
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Hoses & Connectors: Included – Flat Face Disconnects
  • Made in the USA: Yes!
  • 4 Way Wedge: Optional
  • 30″ Stroke Cylinder: Optional 5″ x 30″

If you need the ability to split logs upside down (from inside the cab) or horizontally (splitting outside the cab), then the RamSplitter SSFF30 30 Ton Skid Steer Flip Flop Log Splitter Attachment is for you. With 30 tons of pressure and the option to turn the unit 180 degrees, you'll be able to split logs to any manageable size.

This skid steer log splitter uses a series of quick disconnect couplers on the hoses to switch positions (adding the valve in the line of the hydraulic flow), making it possible to switch back and forth within minutes. To “flip” this unit, you just have to undo the 4 bolts at the universal mounting plate and spin the beam 180 degrees. Then, re-tighten the 4 bolts and your ready to split again!

The operating pressure of this splitter is just 2500 PSI, making it possible to run your loader in idle and receive the maximum output of the wood splitter.

For a limited time hoses and connectors come free with this unit.

You can customize this log splitter just the way you want it with the following options:

  • 4 Way Wedge – Split logs into 4 pieces. 4 way wedge just slips over existing single wedge. (Can slide on and off quickly, choose 4 way wedge option to see picture) 4 way wedge will reduce opening size by 3″.
  • 30″ Opening – Increase your opening size by 6″ to a 5″ x 30″ cylinder to split longer pieces of wood.

Log Splitter HQ Promise

Important note about residential deliveries:

Unless you have the machinery (like a forklift) to unload a 600+ lb crate from the back of a semi truck, you must select the $50 lift gate fee in the options above. Please read the details about residential deliveries here.

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